Finally here and a little writing about Post EARLY ACCESS Features to be added

Hello Itch ! :)

Diego here. Hi! 

I hope you are all doing great tonight!  My first Indie Game in Early Access for PC is already live so it is a really interesting time for me.

I want to add one thing to the description of Chess World's Gold, that keeps taking shape: 

Post EARLY ACCESS features that will be added (with time):

-To be available to enter the Tavern and play against more NPCS.

-To be able to enter Dungeons and keep adding more Chess Puzzles.

-To keep expanding the land, npcs, lore and history of the game around Chess Matches. IE: To go to a big forest.

-To add a beach with boats.

-To add more buildings like town houses, to keep expanding the world.

-To add more ELO to the AI with Stockfish.

-To include rigs and animations.

-To classify Chess Puzzles adding a trainer NPC.

-To include some animals and fantasy figures (ie: Unicorn, Dragon, Elves, Orcs and Ctuhulhus).

-To keep expanding Game Design around Chess Challenges.

-To be able to work with the artists that are doing this possible thanks

to their big push while sharing some beatiful assets that are included like tuturu,

Yanez,  MadTroll, hardartcore. And a big thanks to Mariel for the infinite patience and 

for helping with the  game name idea and art direction.

For now the idea for me was to open and share the world of Chess World's Gold to be able to keep going with

the Virtual Reality path plus Chess plus Fantasy lore and adventure.  And to connect the dots with Chess, VR

and Fantasy.

Let's see how it goes!

Everyone stay well! See u soon!


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